152 Martin Grove Road Toronto, Ontario M9B 4KS Phone: 1-877-987-GREY E-mail: info@meetgina.ca www.meetgina.ca   Greyhounds in Need of Adoption is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds.

5899 Leslie Street Toronto, Ontario M2H 3R9 Phone: 1-877-783-7333 E-mail: info@ccrt.net www.ccrt.net The CCRT is run by volunteers only, their mission is to rescue abandoned, homeless and neglected chihuahuas, find homes for pets and educate chihuahua owners and the public about the breed.

245 West Hunt Club Road Ottawa, Ontario K2E 1A6 Phone: 613-725-3166 Email: ohs@ottawahumane.ca www.ottawahumane.ca The Ottawa Humane Society works with the community to educate the public about the humane treatment of animals, to encourage responsible pet ownership and to care for animals who are neglected, abused or abandoned.

423 Tillbury Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 2B9 New Beginnings is a not-for profit rescue group with one goal to rescue animals and unite them with a forever home they have been waiting for.

6025 Chippawa Parkway Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 0E4 Phone: 905-356-4404 E-mail: humane@nfhs.ca www.nfhs.ca The Niagara Falls Humane Society helps find loving homes for unwanted and mistreated animals and helps get lost pets back home.

3353 Credit Woodlands Mississauga, Ontario L5C 2K1 Phone: 905-271-0883 E-mail: info@mississaugahumanesociety.com www.mississaugahumanesociety.com The Mississauga Humane Society strives to save as many unwanted animals as possible, regardless of background, age or behavioural issues by finding them a home where they are treated as a family member.

Dundas Street West Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2R8 Phone: 647-558-7387 E-mail: info@animalaidfoundation.ca www.animalaidfoundation.com The Animal Aid Foundation addresses the issue of animal overpopulation and homeless animals by financially supporting the projects and activities of local animal charities.

1 Binnington Ct. Kingston, Ontario K7M 8M9 Phone: 613-546-1291 E-mail: executivedirector@kingstonhumanesociety.ca www.kingstonhumanesociety.ca The Kingston Humane Society cares for injured, abused or homeless animals and provides humane rescues and education.

500 Wellington Street West Guelph, Ontario N1H 6L3 Phone: 519-824-3091 E-mail: margaretn@guelphhumane.ca www.guelph-humane.on.ca The Guelph Humane Society offers Humane Education Program to the community.  GHS also investigates animal cruelty and care concerns in Guelph and Wellington County.